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The charts look bearish, but will a bullish seasonal trump the technicals? (full story)

A House Democrat says one of the compromises that helped the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement move forward had to do with big pharma. Minnesota’s Angie Craig tells Brownfield the original USMCA text included a provision for brand name pharmaceutical... (full story)

Ho hum...markets continue trading ranges (full story)

FOMC Tomorrow & Trading Levels 12.11.2019 (full story)

Dec. corn closed at $3.63 and 1/4, down 2 and 1/2 cents Jan. soybeans closed at $9.01 and 1/4, up 4 cents Dec. soybean meal closed at $296.90, up 20 cents Dec. soybean oil closed at 31.47, up 11 points Dec. wheat closed at $5.34 and 3/4, up 2 and 3/4... (full story)

Still Stuck!!! (full story)

The Packer’s Global Organic Produce Expo — GOPEX — is providing attendees with a behind-the-scenes look at PortMiami, a hub of international trade and commerce. The tour is on the first day of the event, Jan. 9. Participants will see the... (full story)

The Almond Board of California (ABC) today announced an investment of $5.9 million dollars in 85 independent research projects exploring next-generation farming practices. With this commitment, the California almond community […] (full story)

Labor costs continue to challenge specialty crop growers’ competitiveness. Michigan Vegetable Council executive director Greg Bird tells Brownfield sessions covering H-2A guest worker program updates and other labor issues are expected to be... (full story)

The following prices are effective from Wednesday 12/11/19 at 12:01 am Eastern Time until midnight Tuesday 12/17/19. The next announcement is scheduled for Tuesday 12/17/19 at 3:00 pm Eastern Time. […] (full story)

Ag startups are garnering speed and investors to solve the needs of farmers through innovation. Doug Huesdash with ACRE AgTech tells Brownfield his group works as a matchmaker between innovators and the ag industry. “We had learned from the ag... (full story)

Minnesota Farm Bureau is urging Congress to approve the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement. President Kevin Paap tells Brownfield ratifying USMCA sends a signal to trading partners across the world that the U.S. is back in business in the international... (full story)

Most milk futures and cash dairy prices were down significantly on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Tuesday.  Butter was the only product showing a gain. December Class III milk was down $.08 at $19.43.  January was down $.24 at $18.40.... (full story)

Minnesota Congressman and House Ag Committee chair Collin Peterson welcomed the announcement of a deal to bring USMCA to a vote. Peterson says he’s been pushing to get the agreement across the finish line for months.  He calls the... (full story)

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The EPA will allow the continued use of sodium cyanide to kill wild predators of livestock in approved states. The compound is used in M-44 devices, and the agency has introduced new restrictions which include a 600-foot buffer around... (full story)

Signing Moves USMCA Towards Benefits for U.S. Wheat Growers Contact: Caitlin Eannello, Director of Communications, National Association of Wheat Growers ceannello@wheatworld.org, (202) 547-7800   Steve Mercer, Vice President of Communications,... (full story)

The USDA projects a strong end to red meat and poultry production in 2019 and even bigger protein production in 2020. The higher red meat and poultry guesses for this year were due to current production data, with the UDSA also raising the average... (full story)

Illinois Farm Bureau members outlined issues including trade agreements, climate change, and the Illinois progressive income tax during their annual meeting in Chicago this week. President Richard Guebert tells Brownfield farmers need to be... (full story)

2019 was a challenging year for farmers and highlighted the importance of contacting lawmakers about top issues. Kendell Culp, a northwestern Indiana farmer and American Soybean Association board member, says he’s made valuable contacts with... (full story)

On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her plan to vote next week on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada free-trade agreement. That announcement was met with praise and optimism by ag industry groups and rural lawmakers alike.  “Thanks to President... (full story)

Even though livestock producers have come a long way in terms of animal care, there is still room for improvement. Emily Yeiser-Stepp, senior director with the National Dairy National Farmers Advocating for Responsible Management (FARM) Program,... (full story)

Providing the first real evidence the House can walk and chew gum at the same time when it comes to impeachment compared to the rest of the chamber schedule, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) this week hustled from one press conference announcing... (full story)

The World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) released by the World Board Tuesday didn’t move the needle on corn and soybeans. However, it did provide bullish news for wheat and cotton, according to Farm Journal economist and AgriTalk... (full story)

The most recent Crop Progress report shows North Dakota’s harvest progress is improving but not by much. The report says 43% of corn has been harvested. That’s compared to 36% the week prior to it.   Some producers say some of the standing crop... (full story)

Corn futures reacted to the reports as expected, which is to say not at all. The WASDE showed projected ending stocks for the U.S. were unchanged at 1.91 bbu. Brazil Production was estimated at 101 MMT, which was also unchanged. Likewise, Argentina c... (full story)

Lean hog futures are up so far, with triple digit gains for the nearbys. The last trading day is Friday for December hogs. The 12/06 CME Lean Hog Index was at $58.12, after a 35-cent fall. USDA’s morning pork carcass cutout value was higher, havin... (full story)

Corn futures reacted to the reports as expected, which is to say not at all. The WASDE showed projected ending stocks for the U.S. were unchanged at 1.91 bbu. Brazil Production was estimated at 101 MMT, which was also unchanged. Likewise, Argentina c... (full story)

The wheat market is showing a little life, with the actively traded (non-December) futures up 3 to 6 cents. The WASDE Report showed a decrease of 40 mbu to U.S. wheat carryover. The adjustment came from a decrease to imports vs. November, as well as ... (full story)

Front month bean futures are up by 1 cent following the release of USDA reports. Soybean meal futures are unchanged, while soybean oil futures are up 18 points. Estimates ahead of the WASDE report indicated a slight reduction was expected to the U.S.... (full story)

Live cattle futures are down so far at midday. Dec futures are in deliveries with a 15-cent decrease. Feeder cattle futures are up at midday, with gains of 62 to 77 cents in the font months. The 12/06 CME Feeder Cattle index was $143.48 lower by $1.... (full story)

Cotton futures are 34 to 43 points higher today. US average cotton yield was lowered by 3% to 761 lbs/acre by USDA. The new lower yield pushed production for the 19/20 crop to 19.48 million bales. Cotton is still 1.914 million bales above the 2018 pr... (full story)

After months of negotiation, the White House and House Democrats have reached a deal with new language on labor provisions in the trilateral trade deal between the United States, Canada and Mexico (USMCA).   House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking... (full story)

It’s near the end of the Year. Do you have a game plan for 2020 production?   Matt Bennett with AgMarket.net is recommending looking at a break-even in fertilizer prices.  “The reason I say fertilizer prices is because potash is kind of... (full story)

Direct cash cattle trade is off to another quiet start and that’s typical for a Tuesday.  Bids and asking prices have yet to surface.  Showlists this week are mixed – higher in Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas, but lower in Texas.  Significant trade... (full story)

The USDA has left its 2019 U.S. corn and soybean production estimates unchanged from November. That is as the USDA surveys producers for the January report, which usually serves as the final accounting of the previous year’s production, but... (full story)

The USDA has lowered the 2019 upland cotton production estimate, but still expects a bigger crop than in 2018. This year’s crop is expected to be 19.480 million bales, 3% less than in November, but up 11% from a year ago, with a lower yield... (full story)

Many ag groups and officials are pleased with the progress on the USMCA. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says the agreement is a big win for American workers and the economy. He says he is encouraged by today’s breakthrough and that the House and... (full story)

Downside limited (full story)

Looking to buy more (full story)

The American Royal Association is one step closer to its future home after recently acquiring 115 acres in Kansas City, Kansas. The Association’s vision is to be the national destination for the food and agriculture industry, the Epicenter of... (full story)

What's the trade - ES, NQ, Crude, Gold, Bonds. (full story)

Chipotle Mexican Grill has launched a campaign to save farming. I’m not sure what is more surprising, that farming needs to be saved or that Chipotle – a company that has slandered farmers with misleading PR campaigns for years – thinks it has the... (full story)

Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie addressed a number of similar questions from farmers this past week. Here are several of the questions and his responses, provided in his recent Boots In The Field podcast. Questions: Do we need to use a... (full story)

WASDE REPORT FOR 12/10/19 (full story)

NW_LS442 Des Moines, IA Tue, Dec 10, 2019 USDA Market News USDA TALLOW AND PROTEIN REPORT - FOB CENTRAL U.S. Dollars/hundredweight (unless otherwise stated) as of 3:00 PM. TALLOW, GREASE, AND LARD Lds Price Range Wtd Avg INEDBL, TALW/GRSE FOB CENTRAL Choice... (full story)